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Yo Te Amo ft. Veronica Calderon

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I See Your Face ft. Elijah Morales

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Coming Back

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I was born in 1981 in Nicaragua in a city Managua. My family has always been very involved in music and sports. At a very young age I learned to play various instruments. Guitar and piano was one of the instruments that allowed me to express myself write and compose music.
My very first song that I wrote and compose was called “Flow Holy Spirit” which was recorded in Spanish album about 20 years ago. Since then I’ve been composing and recording with different bands and groups. One of the bands that has been very close to my heart was called “Sacred” .

We toured and recorded 3 albums but after many years the band took a different path. So now after 10 years waiting for God to lead me in the right direction. He gave me opportunity to work with some of the great and amazing music producers and music engineers, I found myself recording again and pursuing my passion. Something that is different in this album is that I have my whole family involved with writing songs and recording.

I am very proud of that and want to continue that with my next recordings because I believe God wants to use Family to impact and change the world. It took us 2 years to finish this project due to COVID but it’s finally done and I am truly excited to share this with you!

Picture of Alain Morales
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